The Guinness Enterprise Centre is leading an action to deliver a Circular Economy Hub, under Strategic Objective 4 of the Dublin Regional Enterprise Plan – 2024, which sets out to enable and position business as leaders in Dublin’s low carbon transition.
Sustainability innovators

The GEC Launches Sustainability@GEC

The Guinness Enterprise Centre is honoured to announce its partnership with Techies Go Green and building out the sustainability cluster. Eamon Ryan T.D., Minister for the Environment and Climate, launched the new cluster at the Guinness Enterprise Centre on February 24th, 2023.


Techies Go Green​ Partners with GEC

Founded in 2021, Techies Go Green is a not-for-profit sustainability movement that is on a mission to lead its fast-growing base of 300+ business signatories to implement changes to reduce their science-based carbon footprints by 50% by 2030. It does this by raising awareness of the urgent need for action, and by providing practical tools, solutions, and advice through education.

Its 300+ signatories have signed up to a commitment to become verifiably carbon neutral through collaboration, knowledge sharing and implementing practical measures to achieve their net-zero targets.

Our Sustainability Innovators


Astatine accelerates the transition to renewable energy by developing and implementing sustainable and financially beneficial solutions for businesses in Ireland.


Community Resources Network Ireland (CRNI) is the representative body for community-based reuse, repair, and recycling organisations in Ireland.

Crowberry Consulting

Crowberry Consulting are an Environment, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Management Consultancy, with over 20 years’ experience working with businesses to provide sustainable solutions.


Colectivo is a consultancy that supports organizations in their transition towards more sustainable models - in a very practical way. Their collective of experts have accumulated over 120 years of experience creating long-term and scalable impact for corporates, institutions, SMEs and startups alike.

Energy Matters Ireland

Energy Matters Ireland are experts in developing and implementing energy reduction strategies that help clients save money and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to their energy reduction services, they also offer competitive rates for energy brokerage.

EPN Consulting Research and Innovation

EPN Consulting R&I offer expertise in Sustainable & Intelligent Transport, Smart Cities, Climate Change Resilience and Circular Economy. They also provide high-level assistance in European Projects and suitable partnerships to help companies convert ambitious ideas in concrete projects

Green Belt

Green Belt and its professional foresters guide those planting a forest through the forest estate management process, which makes a huge contribution to the environment and storing CO2.


Greenstreets provides advice and manages all of your Environmental Compliance reporting requirements relating to Packaging Waste, Electronic Waste (WEEE), Battery or Textile Waste.

HaPPE Earth

HaPPE Earth champions sustainability and the circular economy by aiming to bring together CE approved, compostable PPE products with an SDG impact measurement tool for healthcare and a medical waste, industrial, composting solution.

Passive Dynamics

Passive Dynamics Sustainability Consultants with backgrounds in engineering and building physics. Their diverse experience and in-depth technical knowledge add value to design teams, developers and corporate clients, working as lead consultants, engineers or sustainability champions overseeing the client’s sustainability goals.

PNG Energy

PNG Energy understands how to develop truly sustainable energy projects. They specialise in project management and delivery of energy generation across a range of energy generation technologies.


As a supplier of telemedicine software, RedZinc supports the healthcare industry in reducing its carbon footprint. Video consultations and remote monitoring reduce need for patient and healthcare professional travel, leading to reduced carbon emissions from transport. RedZinc also launched a BlueEye Sustainability Award.

Resolve Partners

Resolve Partners work with entrepreneurs to help them hone their value proposition. They provide investors with an informed view of startup and scaleup businesses. They work with corporates who wish to maintain market position by having a view of the startup/scaleup landscape.


Robeau delivers sensors and data platform to manage water consumption. Their IoT LoRa sensors, and Data Management Application, saves between 25% and 40% on customers water consumption bill.


Shareclub offers a circular packaging solution providing high-quality reusable cups and more for events, catering and takeaway. They work with event organisers and businesses that aim to save on packaging costs, reduce waste, and achieve their sustainability goals.


SQ9 SOLAR is a growing solar energy designer and installer providing both residential and commercial systems. They work with each customer to design the best system based on their needs.

Techies Go Green

Techies Go Green is a movement of tech-oriented companies who are committed to decarbonising their businesses and making them green and verifiably sustainable.

Uisce Bog

Peatlands have huge untapped ability to store carbon and contribute significantly to climate protection goals. Via its unique double sided platform, Uisce Bog accelerates the rewetting of peatlands globally by connecting restoration communities directly with consumer brands which want to action change.

Our Latest Updates

Work in progress!

Keep and maintain beehives on our rooftop with RECDP

Electric car charging station 

Window replacement for better insulation and energy retention

Upgraded heaters with more energy efficiency

Encourage reusable coffee cups and mugs in replacement of plastic water bottles

Replaced light switches with light sensors

Expanded recycling options with dedicated bins for compostable cups to encourage responsible disposal

Enhanced greenery with trees added to the Coffee Dock and the Coworking Space

EM Normandie Business School partnership sending 3rd-year students to provide a full sustainability diagnostic and recommendations for the GEC and GEC companies – In Progress

Installing a planter in the courtyard – 2024

Solar panel roof installation – 2024

Electric bike charging – 2024



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