Mentoring for Scale
A monthly mentorship event for scaling tech and digital companies.


Mentoring for Scale is a monthly ‘invite-only’ event where tech/digital companies in the early stages of scaling get the opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one with experienced, serial entrepreneurs and industry experts who have successfully built and scaled a business or businesses in return for advice, guidance and introductions.  

Mentoring for scale is NOT a pitch or investment forum. Participants really benefit from the interchange as it is very focused and action oriented.  Each scaling company meets with three mentors over the course of two hours.

PLEASE NOTE ‘only’ the CEO, Founder or Co-Founder can attend the Mentoring.

Event Dates & Logistics

February 23

March 21

April 25

May 30


September 26

October 24

November 28

Online Format

08.00 am – Mentor Introductions

08.15 am – First Mentor one to one

08.45 am – Second Mentor One to One

09.15 am – Third mentor One to One

09.45 am – Final word from Mentors.

10.00 am – Event finishes.

Participant Testimonials

Mentoring for Scale has been hugely beneficial for me. I was incredibly fortunate to meet some exceptional seasoned entrepreneurs, who have become trusted confidantes to this day. I would encourage anybody following the same path to participate in the programme. Can truly say some game changing opportunities came my way as a result, and I’ve also been able to help other people in the network. A very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Mentoring for Scale is an invaluable event that gives any start up multiple new sets of eyes and insights on their business from Industry experts. The generosity of these mentors is ongoing and has helped Exit Entry greatly in crafting and re launching our business and much more.

I received incredibly valuable information and really enjoyed the Mentoring. I would go so far to say that one piece of advice will have a huge impact on the scaling of our product!! It's amazing to see busy successful people give back their time so generously.

Mentoring for Scale has been a great resource for us since our early days, and ongoing. The community of mentors have such a wide breadth of skills and insights to provide to scaling companies: and it's provided in a fun, collaborative manner - I can't recommend it enough.

StoryTracks has found MFS an invaluable resource which has greatly assisted us in expanding our network. We have been introduced to top level business leaders in the world of technology who have all come looking to give back and assist early-stage start-ups.

This was an incredible morning. The mentors were at the top of their game, and they were so generous with their advice and feedback. This was undoubtedly the best investment this month in my business. Thanks to Niamh and all the team. I really learned a lot and got some great insights.

I really enjoyed this event; it was the most valuable couple of hours I have spent in any initiative in a long time. Great format and high calibre mentors.

Thank you for such an incredible, inspirational and productive event. I really got a lot from the event and the team is putting in place some suggestions from the mentors. It's amazing how much you can get from mentors in such a short space of time".

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If you are a tech/digital start-up in any sector and you are in the early stages of scaling and would like to participate in the Mentoring for Scale initiative, please contact:

Niamh Collins

Mentoring for Scale, Manager