The CoConnect Programme is a collaboration between the GEC and our fellow enterprise centres around Ireland. We offer entrepreneurs a 'home away from home' by engaging in collaborative efforts with our extensive network of centres. Together, we develop regional start-ups and support the growth of the entrepreneurial network across Ireland. 

This programme offers entrepreneurs the use of the GEC's excellent facilities in the heart of Dublin, as well as the opportunity for national start-ups to participate in the GEC's University Partnership Programme.

CoConnect programme

Offering entrepreuners a home away from home


CoConnect partners

Enterprising Monaghan
Gateway Hub
The Hub Newry
Tom Creane Business Centre
The mill
Sneem Digitial hub
Seoil startup hub
Kerry Food Hub
Leeson Enterprise Centre

The Prosper Series is a Guinness Enterprise Centre initiative that develops a network of entrepreneurial support among Ireland’s counties. This series specifically aims to enhance a county’s business diaspora through co-operation, knowledge sharing, creativity, and inspiration; ultimately creating a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each Prosper event involves early-stage companies presenting to key decision-makers from their same county who look to support economic development.

By creating a connected, world-class entrepreneurial environment, we empower businesses to grow and scale their enterprises.

The Prosper Series has since launched in Kerry, Limerick, and Cavan. With plans to expand into other counties and eventually, internationally, we aim to be one of Europe’s leading entrepreneurial superhubs. Check out highlights from Prosper Cavan below! For more information on the Prosper Series email us.

Prosper Series

Your county is your business

As an early stage Kerry based business, the prosper Kerry event was an incredibly important event in our Start-up journey. We were afforded the opportunity to pitch our business to a crowd of incredibly well-connected business people from the county. This helped convey our current position and many people have reached out to help. We have made many important connections with other industries, who provided us with some amazing referrals. Ní neart go cur le chéile."


Niall Harty, Origin Bars



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