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French Minister for Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire visits the GEC

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The Guinness Enterprise Centre welcomes the prospect of increased collaboration with France for Irish start-ups following the visit of French Minister for Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire.

Minister Le Maire's interest in Ireland's entrepreneurial ecosystem is evident by his visit to the Guinness Enterprise Centre on August 26th, 2021.

During his visit, Mr Le Maire was accompanied by the Irish Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe where they met with four internationally scaling start-ups and scale-ups, Selio Medical, VigiTrust, Black Shamrock and CleanData. The visit marks an exciting opportunity for the GEC as Mr Le Maire announced a willingness for greater co-operation between France and Irish start-ups. Mr Le Maire was complimentary at the level of innovation coming from Ireland and Irish start-ups.

Presenting companies included.

Selio Medical:founded by Colm McGarvey and Garrett Ryan,who developed a safe, effective and user-friendly device to prevent pneumothorax (a collapsed lung) during a transthoracic needle biopsy.

Vigitrust: is an award-winning provider of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) SaaS solutions. French cyberSecurity expert Mathieu Gorge founded VigiTrust in 2003.

Black Shamrock: a video game development studio focused on “core gamer” strategy for pc and consoles. French gaming veteran, Olivier Masclef started the company in the GEC in 2015. Black Shamrock currently employs100 people in Dublin.

CleanData: Dublin based SaaS provider of AI driving situation analysis and computer vision solutions for vehicle fleets, driver training companies and the motor insurance sector. Founders Dominique Clarac and Thierry Fargas. The GEC look forward to showcasing more of our fantastic companies in the coming year.

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