Join the GEC Cowork space and discover all business supports needed to grow your business. 

The GEC is Ireland's largest and most connected incubation space. The GEC is home to over 150 companies in Dublin

Access coworking at the GEC for €120 monthly. Discover a range of benefits to scaling a business from a Dublin City Centre location. 

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Benefits of Coworking

Working With Headphones

Committing to a start-up project or a return to the office can feel like a huge commitment, but at GEC we can offer you all the perks of the office without the overheads and headaches of getting set up. The GEC Cowork space has an office has to offer plus some extras, like business support, access to an investment network, programmes and networking, but if this doesn't interest you the following reasons might.

Professional Business Services

A coffee shop or hotel lobby might not send the right message to potential clients or investors, but a Dublin City centre location will. We provide you with a desk and a professional address to locate yourself from, send your mail to and you get full access to meeting rooms and GEC facilities.

Operating Costs

Starting a business is a huge commitment and having a dedicated office might seem costly so coworking is that perfect steppingstone while you figure it out, plus the GEC always has the option for you to grow within with larger shared or private offices to avail of.

A place to work and learn

The GEC has an amazing community of people with different mindsets, skills, and knowledge and a community of exceptionally talented ambitious founders in Ireland. Being immersed in this environment can provide a great learning opportunity. You also can work from a quiet productive space at the GEC. 


Coworking allows you to make the most of your time, with the flexibility to come and go, no need to lock up an office or worry about access for you or your team. Cowork is open Monday-Friday 24hrs. 


Coworking can increase your collaboration with like-minded people, the GEC offers great business development events and workshops that you can get involved in. We have people from different industries and sectors that fosters a sense of community and we encourage interaction and knowledge sharing.

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